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Olivier Mehani, Ph.D.

I am a staff software engineer at Learnosity, in Hobart (Tas, Australia).

Previously, I was a researcher with the Network Research Group at Nicta, in Sydney (Australia). My research interests include experimental measurements, transport protocols, seamless device mobility in heterogeneous networks and decentralised systems in general. Before undertaking my PhD, I also worked with Inria's project-team Imara, in Rocquencourt (France), where I was focusing on network mobility applied to vehicular communications.

I obtained my PhD in 2011 in a cotutelle from the Centre for Robotics of Mines ParisTech (École des Mines de Paris, France) and the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications of the University of New South Wales (Australia). My thesis was conducted under the principal supervision of Roksana Boreli from Nicta and Thierry Ernst from Inria. Previously, I also studied at Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France) where I obtained an engineering degree in Computer Science and at Chalmers Tekniska Högskola (Gothenburg, Sweden) where I got an MSc in Complex Adaptive Systems, both in 2007.

I mostly waste my (little) spare time doing geeky stuff on various Unix machines. Some interesting byproducts of this may be a Makefile to compile LaTeX documents in one command (including cross-references, bibliography and index) or home-baked packages for various Linux distributions (ArchLinux, Gentoo, Nylon or Slackware). I also keep track of my experience in what I like to call my knowledge base and parts of a wiki.

I strongly believe openness (for either standards, source code or formats) is a key to successful and perennial systems. As a result, I generally refuse to use or open accounts on closed systems (but I am happily using standard, freely implementable, and decentralised protocols such as SMTP (email), XMPP (Jabber IM), SIP (VoIP), or FOAF and for social purposes). More complete arguments to this effect can be found in Bradley M. Kuhn's words as well as Scott Lawrence's on leaving GitHub (which I am sadly still shackled to). For similar reasons, I also have a fondness for OpenBSD.

I also brew beer (some of them are actually quite nice!), pretend I can play the bass guitar, and try to become a better HAM radio operator (callsign: VK7SHM, previously VK2FXAD, VK2SHM). People suffer daily from all these hobbies (:

Online Activity Feed

In a further attempt to advocate open systems, here is an aggregate of my recent online activity, fully based on open technologies and compliant platforms. The main goal is to show that there is no need for an account with any of the various closed social networking platforms and their notoriously fuzzy privacy policies. Also, this lets you see what I have done recently!

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